Electrical Construction

Plans and Specifications

Plans and specifications (Plan & Spec, for short), represents the most traditional construction contracting arrangement, and is most commonly implemented by municipalities and national accounts. It’s generally a slow, well organized and relatively expensive endeavor; but a necessary evil when competitive bidding is the paramount concern.

Plan & Spec requires an owner to solicit proposals from architects, who solicit proposals from engineering disciplines (civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, et al) and eventually calculate a fee for the project design and construction supervision. The architects then present their “concept design”, including renderings and cost estimates, to the owner who ultimately decides if the project is within budget and going to move forward. After the owner has selected the architect and settled on a final design, the architect assembles his team of engineers to design the systems, the engineers can and, eventually, a set of bid documents is developed and presented to the owner.

Our valued relationship with architects and engineers, as well as owners and general contractors, lands us on many “bid lists” for plan and spec projects. They recognize the value of a quality contractor that can work through the myriad of real world problems and still exceed their expectations. Our experience with the special requirements, processes and procedures demanded in this arena of construction will simplify the project for all involved. From bonding and contract execution to AIA billing, submittals, and project close out, we know the ropes to keep the paperwork—and project—rolling along.

Value Engineering

There’s an old saying in the industry that an “engineer’s estimate^rdquo; reflects the cost of construction in Heaven. Very often, “plan and spec’ projects exceed the“engineer’s estimate’ and the customer’s budget. This generally leaves the customer in a really tough spot as the financing shortfall, combined with months that have slipped by in the design process, compress the schedule and negatively affect the owner and his business. Does the owner scrap the project or go back to the drawing board? There is a better way, and we shine in it. Value engineering often saves the day, and very often without any sacrifice. Our depth of experience, thorough understanding of electrical systems and code compliance, and a network of vendor relationships uniquely positions us to implement cost saving alternatives that has little or no effect on the final product. We carefully analyze the use, operations, processes, and system’s requirements and demands to re-engineer a more cost effective, life cycle balanced solution. Even if the project is within budget, applying our expertise can bring greater value to your project… and a bigger smile to your face.

Design and Build

We were performing design and build contracts long before it was a trendy buzz word. For all the reasons stated above, no electrical contractor brings a value proposition to the table like we do. In collaboration with dozens of owners and general contractors over the course of hundreds of projects, we have not only completed millions of dollars in design and build construction; we have saved those owners many millions as well.