Lighting System Upgrades

Lighting represents more than 40% of the energy consumption in commercial buildings. As a certified NYSERDA Business Partner CVM Electric has access to New York State programs and incentives that LOWER YOUR ELECTRIC BILL and GREATLY IMPROVE lighting quality.

Why CVM?

expertiseEngineering Expertise – When evaluating "energy efficiency", efficiency is the operative word. Just saving energy is an open-ended proposition; while the real trick lies in delivering superior results while doing it. The professionals at CVM Electric bring their understanding of the available lighting technologies together with lighting design expertise, electrical engineering, and electrical construction experience to bring you better lighting that uses significantly less energy. We're the leaders in WNY.

Save!Extraordinary payback and return on investment – Our lighting system designs not only enhance the visual comfort of the facility, they enhance your bottom line as well. In addition to presenting all the technical data relative to lighting performance and environmental benefits, we also prepare detailed financial reports that speak the CFO's language, including: Simple Payback, ROI, IRR, and Net Present Value.

We're Green – Our high efficiency, high performance lighting systems represent better environmental stewardship through meaningful reductions in CO2 emissions and minimized hazardous waste generation. As a matter of contract and responsibility, we also include the proper recycling and disposal of removed lighting system components. No hassles for you!

Getting Started

Find out why many of Western New York's leading companies are enjoying the benefits of our high performance lighting systems. For a free, no obligation energy audit of your commercial or industrial facility, download, complete and return this lighting survey form, or complete the survey online.

Hurry, the incentives won't last forever!