Electrical Systems

The breadth and diversity of electrical systems is remarkable, and truly touches all of our lives. Generally speaking, people take these systems for granted. That is until they stop working as expected.

The professionals at CVM Electric, Inc. take it much more seriously. Possessing a deep understanding of electrical systems and their supporting technologies we sweat the details for our customers. At CVM Electric, Inc. it’s not just about making it work, but making it work safely, reliably, and efficiently that sets us apart from others that simply go through the motions. Whether that detail is as simple as a light in your closet or a region wide telecommunication system, you can rely on us to carefully engineer the magic, so you can confidently work the switch.

Systems we engineer, construct, and maintain include:

Services entrances connect your structure to the utility. From a typical residential service through industrial high voltage substations we handle all aspects of the work including utility (consumer representative, meter and test, line, and engineering) meetings, application and compliance paperwork, inspections, and systems integration and cutovers; all in an effort to simplify the sometimes daunting process for our customers.

Power distribution systems route power throughout your facility. We install the heavy feeders, transformers, and panelboards to safely, effectively, and efficiently distribute the power to where it’s being utilized.

Branch circuiting connects your equipment to the distribution system. From typical branch circuiting that serves your lights and receptacles, to dedicated circuiting specifically feeding an appliance, we ensure the proper wiring methods, conductor sizes, and grounding requirements are satisfied to safely and reliably meet the needs of your installation.

Lighting systems for general and task illumination, safety, and effect. If it is agreed that electrical systems are taken for granted, then lighting should well be considered its poster child. Artificial lighting has literally transformed the world we live in, and the costs involved with installing, operating, and maintaining it are both significant and ongoing. CVM Electric, Inc. has been an advocate for high performance, high efficiency lighting for decades. We wade through the competing technologies to design the most appropriate and cost effective system for our customers. Whether a new facility or an upgrade, there simply is no one else in the region as qualified and capable as CVM Electric, Inc. to design your lighting system. Trust the experts.

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Grounding systems, for safety, reliability, and lightning protection. This represents one of those industry buzz words many talk about, but few thoroughly understand. Having been at the forefront of the telecommunications infrastructure revolution we not only recognize the critical importance of properly implemented grounding systems, we also possess the specialty testing equipment needed to verify, test, and measure their effectiveness. And while our careful attention to these details may not be critical on every job, isn’t it nice to know that we’re thinking about it?

Fire alarm systems, which monitor, detect, signal, and report the unwanted presence of fire and heat. Whether of the conventional or addressable configuration, we install the control panels, initiating and signaling devices, and building system interfaces to protect life and property, and comply with ever more stringent insurance and building code requirements. As an extra measure of confidence, our fire alarm system installations are inspected, tested, and certified by an outside, NYS certified provider.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detector systems, which detect and signal the unwanted presence of smoke and/or carbon monoxide. These unsupervised systems are typically installed in dwellings or small commercial facilities. Mandated by NYS building code, the local municipalities have strongly enforced the installation of these systems prior to the transfer of ownership or whenever a building related permit is applied for. Given the fact that you’ll eventually have to comply – and coupled with the relatively low cost and great peace of mind these systems provide – this truly is something to consider having us install today. Don’t let a preventable tragedy strike your home or family!

Fiber optic cabling, which delivers high speed, high bandwidth data transfer. Whether your requirements are inter or intra building, single or multi mode, and whatever termination (FC, SC, ST, LC, or MTRJ), we have over a decade of experience installing fiber optic network cabling. Typically installed between MDF’s and IDF’s, and occasionally to the desktop, we can turnkey your installation via armored cable, innerduct or conduit; saving you time, money, coordination… and phone calls.

Copper data cabling, for traditional data network distribution and VOIP communication. This is still the standard for office networks and we’ve installed hundreds of miles of it. From a single drop to the complete infrastructure, we can cost effectively provide the Category 5, 5e, 6, or 7 cabling, patch panels, terminations, and jacks to simplify your upgrade or expansion.

Telephone cabling, for traditional voice communications. Whether a simple provider extension or a telephone system expansion, this is 101 and we’re happy to help. From cabling and jacks to punch downs, we can provide the necessary infrastructure you need in Category 3 or 5, RJ-11 or RJ-45.

Solar, for all the clean, green, energy saving, cost cutting reasons you’ve heard about… and some that you haven’t! At CVM Electric, Inc, solar goes beyond just another cutting edge technology, representing a commitment to our children, our country, and our planet, as well as to our customers. Our investment in this alternative energy has been significant, and we have dedicated a representative amount of our site to it. Please explore it!.