Solar Energy for Business

Solar energy solutions are smart options for many businesses. Today, business owners of all kinds are making the decision to go solar to take advantage of a wide array of benefits, including:

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Save Money on Utility Bills

The rising cost of electricity and the generous government incentives available have led many businesses to purchase and install a solar electric system for their businesses. You can begin saving significantly on your electricity bill, benefit from government tax credits, and promote a green image for your business by installing a solar electric system today.

Major Tax Benefits

New York Rebate Programs. The New York State Energy Research Development Authority provides approved businesses with a rebate of $2.50 per watt up to the first 40 kW and $1.50 per watt after the first 40 kW up to a maximum of 80 kW per site/meter, and not to exceed 50% of the total installed system costs.  However, these programs are designed to reward early adopters of solar power, so the rebate amount per project continues to drop as the allotted funds are consumed.  CVM Solar will identify all of the qualifying programs for your business and file the required paperwork for you.

Federal Tax Credits. The federal government offers a number of solar incentives, including a 30% investment tax credit (ITC) on the solar system cost. Your company can also recognize accelerated capital depreciation over 5 years, with 50% bonus depreciation for 2009 projects. As part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the Obama administration has proposed several grant programs for renewable energy that are expected to further help fund solar installations.

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Green Image

With generous incentives and tax credits available, going green has never made so much sense for profitable businesses.  You can present a progressive face to your client base and set your company apart as a leader in today’s competitive environment.

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Non-Profit Groups

Non-profit groups like schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, etc., receive even greater rebates from New York State to install solar systems.  Registered 501(c)(3) non-profit groups are eligible.

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