Benefits of Solar Electricity

Investing in Solar Energy for your home is advantageous at many levels. From saving money on utility bills to demonstrating your commitment to a better and greener world, solar provides numerous real and lasting benefits.

Save Money

Stop paying for electricity, and start making your own!  You own your home; it is time that you owned your electricity too. Why keep buying electricity from a utility company that can charge you whatever they want for electricity, when you can own your electricity for the next 30 years.

The savings on your energy bill start immediately when you switch to solar power. Your monthly electricity bill gets smaller right away, plus you're protected from rising utility electricity rates in the future. 

When you switch to solar, you increase your financial security by fixing your long-term electricity costs and you save more and more over time as electricity rates increase. It's kind of like if you paid some money five years ago to lock in gas prices at $1.50 a gallon. Think of all the money you'd be saving now! Solar does the same thing for your home energy costs.

Generous government incentives and tax credits help bring down the initial capital costs of a solar electric system by as much as 66%. Read more about incentives and tax credits available to homeowners investing in solar.

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A Risk Free Investment

Your solar system is an investment. Like any investment, one must consider the investment returns with the associated risks.  Most solar systems provide a positive return on investment in the range of 4-12% on an after-tax basis.  More importantly, it is virtually risk free.  Solar technology is mature, proven, and backed with warranties as long as 25 years.  With no moving parts, they require almost no maintenance.  Once installed, they will produce energy from sunlight at a price that is independent of swings in the economy.  Compare this risk profile with other long-term investments like stocks, bonds, US Treasury Bills, and 401K funds.

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Increase Home Value

Switching to solar power increases your home's resale value. In fact, the increase in your home's value is usually more than the cost of the solar system itself. This means that installing a solar electric system is one of the best home improvements you can make.

A recent study by ICF Consulting concluded that saving $1 per year on energy costs adds $20 to a home's value. Saving $1000 per year increases your home's value by $20,000. It is justified by the fact that a homeowner with $1,000 less annual operating costs will rationally be able to pay $1,000 more in mortgage expense, making the home $20,000 more affordable.

Solar electric systems also appreciate over time. This is because the homeowner's energy savings increase as power prices go up. If electricity costs go up by 4% each year, the resale value of your home goes up by 4% too.

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Solar electricity has many environmental benefits. Most electricity in the United States is produced from "dirty" fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas. When power plants turn these fossil fuels into electricity for your home, they pollute our air by releasing nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, radioactive materials, and heavy metals like mercury. These pollutants are the building blocks of smog, acid rain, and global warming, which affect public health, the environment, and our society's future. Power plants also contaminate soil and water and increase greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to solar power means you're doing your part.

Some argue that solar panels themselves are part of the problem, that they are “energy negative”, since it takes energy to manufacture them.  In fact, this energy is recouped in eighteen months, after which time solar panels are “energy positive”. 

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Energy Independence

The U.S. currently imports the majority of its energy supplies and imports more energy every year. This means we're becoming more and more dependent on foreign energy sources and funneling more and more money overseas, which affects both our national security and our economy.
When you install a solar energy system, you have created your own clean power plant right on your own property. Producing the energy right where you need it is smart and efficient.  You eliminate continued need for even more power plants and hundreds of miles of transmission wires to distribute electricity through the grid. 

Harvesting solar power from your roof is the best way to meet your own energy needs without relying on brown power from the utility or foreign energy sources.

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