Getting Started with Solar Energy

Interested in going solar? Here's what to do:

Research:  First, gather some basic information on your own situation.  How much electricity do you use? Do you have a good roof for solar? What is the typical cost of solar? Would some kind of solar financing make sense for you?

Site Evaluation:  A solar energy consultant will visit your home to see if solar is right for you and will answer questions.  He or she will ask you a series of questions designed to understand your energy goals.  If you have a sufficient solar resource (enough sunshine and space for a solar system), they will provide you with a proposal for a customized system based on your roof and electricity needs.

Sign Contract and Rebate Paperwork:  Once you've selected a solar company, you'll sign a contract and pay a deposit. You'll also need to sign rebate and utility paperwork, although the solar company will take care of the processing.

Install System:  Depending on the time of year, it will be three or four months before your system is built. The application process for the state financial incentives consumes most of this time. The actual installation will take only 1-2 days.  At no time during the installation will you be without electricity
Turn on System. Start saving money and enjoying all the advantages of solar for years to come.

Contact CVM Solar to find out how you can go solar.